Tim Krabbe'

Tim Krabbe' is a much read, much praised inventive author. He has written various excellent novels some of which were adapted for the screen. Chess has always been very special to him and he has tried to highlight the artistic side of the royal game by showing its curious aspects. Krabbe' once had the honour to be openly insulted by the late Jan Hein Donner, a feat only bestowed on the strongest players. In the last few years Krabbe' has scored about 50% in the AEGON human versus computer chess tournaments. Tim Krabbe' came to this world in 1943, thirty years before I saw the light.

Krabbe' had a column in Holland's most intelectuall dailly newspaper: NRC Handelsblad [I read de Volkskrant, intellectual as wel,but more readable] during a few years in the early eighties. some titels (unfortunately in Dutch):

These collums are a 'must' for any cyclist able to read Dutch ;-)

Some of his books:

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Tim Krabbe is giving a simul on tuesday february the 18th 1997 on the Dutch Internet Chess Server. The simul wil start at 20.00 o'clock CET (DST, local server time). Tim Krabbe gave a simul before on Tuesday 11 june 1996 on DICS, the Dutch Internet Chess Server. Here are the games from this simul. He prommissed to give more simuls in future.
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